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We are the LARGEST Kratom Supplier in NC with over 35 strains and non-adulterated blends. We offer a great selections of capsules and bulk Kratom products for purchase. Our smoke shop is an excellent source for CBD (Industrial Hemp Based) products including oral solutions, vape liquids, tinctures, edible delta 8 gummies, creams and lotions, infused honey sticks and now introducing Large and Small breed Dog Treats. We are also Jacksonville's premier Glass/Water Pipe tobacco product dealer along with a nice assortment of electronic cigarettes and excellent vape liquids.  

Situated conveniently in Jacksonville next to Johnson's Pharmacy and Mr. Discount on Hwy 258 in Jacksonville. 

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The Smoking Dragon
Chris Hansen (Owner)

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Stop by, save money, and enjoy the quality of our customer service along with the assurance that we are dedicated to your satisfaction. 

Chris Hansen/Owner

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Meet Chris

Owner, Veteran, Entrepreneur, Advocate

A retired Navy Hospital Corpsman with 20 years of faithful service. Former Chevrolet Car Salesman and Background Investigator for the US Government. 

"No matter what the direction I took, my passion has always been in sales and human interaction. "

"We are dedicated to the cause. Keeping Kratom and CBD legal for all to use versus the many alternatives that have caused great harm to so many."

"We are huge advocates for the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical and Recreational use. We, the People, want our freedoms back (the freedoms I fought for) and no longer want congress to remain ignorant to the many benefits that this all natural plant offers."